YouTube Video Editor Guide and Review

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YouTube has had a video editor for a long time, but over time it has changed for the better. 2010 was when the first major overhaul happened, and since then more and more features have been added. There is still the question if the YouTube Video Editor is good, and if it replaces desktop editors. Hopefully, our YouTube Video Editor Review helps you figure out if you want to use the editor.

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YouTube Video Editor Review

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In the early days of the, all you could do was trim video clips, arrange the clips on a timeline, add in basic transitions, and add music. Now the YouTube video editor is able to add video effects to the video and create multiple projects at the same time. While the editor can do more, it has stayed a simple tool.

This simplicity makes it very easy and quick to use. Unlike desktop editors, the YouTube Editor processes much faster. Since the tool is designed to be easy to use, you can learn to use the YouTube Editor in very little time. However, due to its simplicity, it does not offer all the same features. Some of the features that are missing means that it is not suited for every project.

The Basic Features

1.The editor

The YouTube Video Editor does come with some standard video editing functions like video splicing, Audioswap, and cropping videos. The video editor needs to have the videos already uploaded to YouTube. Along with using your own videos, you have the option to use videos that are part of the Creative Commons library. There transitions, and other features that other standard video editors have. Audioswap is easy to use, and there is access to the Creative Commons library in the editor.

2. The Enhancements

The Enhancements that are included in the YouTube Video Editor are not the best tools, but they are still pretty good overall. Enhancements can be found by clicking on a video picture after it has been added to the project. Enhancements are broken into four categories: Quick Fixes, Filters, Text, and Audio. Quick fixes are basic adjustments for small issues like the contrast and saturation of the video. YouTube added an auto-fix button and stabilize video button to make it quick to fix these issues. The filters, text, and audio, are about the same that you would find with any other video editing software.

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Pros and Cons of the YouTube Video Editor

The Pros of the YouTube Editor are that is it is free and has a huge library of free video clips and music. It is also super easy to learn. If you have a Google+ account, you can photos to your video straight from your cloud storage. You also have access to all the videos that you have uploaded to YouTube. All the features are easy to use, and many can be dragged and dropped making editing easy. Google is still improving the YouTube Video Editor to have more features and run smoother.

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The major con for YouTube Video Editor is that it only has the basic video editing features at the moment. Another major con is that the video editor is fully online. This means that a refresh is needed to see the changes that you have made. After the refresh of the video, the video jumps back to the beginning of the video making it frustrating to edit the end of a video. There is also no real way of shortening music in the editor at the moment. Unlike many desk top video editors, you cannot overlap music or video clips. This means that some of the transitions are choppy.

The Bottom Line

Since Google is still working on the YouTube Video Editor, hopefully, most of kinks will be worked out soon. While the YouTube Video Editor is getting better, it is still have the most basic features. The easy to use nature of the editor may mean that it stays more of a simple to use video tool. This does make it easy to edit, and it’s good for most projects. Millions of people use this editor because it is so easy to use. However, more advanced projects are still going to need a desktop video editor. We are hoping to see more advanced features in the future.

Many YouTubers and everyday people like the YouTube Video Editor, for its ease of use and the quick video editing that it provides. However, if it is right for you, depends greatly on what you are trying to do. If you plan on doing any editing past cropping videos, adding type and transitions, and switching music, you are better off using a desktop video editor. Hopefully, this YouTube Video Editor Review helps you figure out if YouTube’s editor is the right one of your projects.

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