Sites Like FameBit Where You Can Find YouTube Sponsorships

Jun 02, 2021• Proven solutions

Famebit is the most popular influencer marketing platform, but there are lots of sites like Famebit where YouTube creators can find sponsorships. The key is to find one where you won’t be reduced to a database entry listing your channel’s genre and your subscriber count.

If you want to be valued for your talent then FameBit is a great choice, but it’s not your only choice. If you are serious about finding sponsorships and creating branded content then there is no reason you shouldn’t be on multiple platforms.


4 Alternatives to FameBit

Here are four influencer marketing platforms besides FameBit that cater to creators, not just brands.


promises creators they will be able to ‘create content on their terms’. They work with both YouTubers and Instagrammers.

A lot of big fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Madewell, and Gap can be found on Revfluence. This platform is a must if you have a lifestyle, beauty, or fashion channel.

On Revfluence you can browse through brands instead of waiting for them to contact you. You choose which companies you want to endorse, so you never have to worry about losing your integrity in the eyes of your subscribers. Once you find a sponsor, you maintain control over how you choose to collaborate with them.


might initially seem more brand-focused than equal, like FameBit, because it makes you wait for brands to select you. You are not simply on-call for any brand willing to pay, though.

After a brand approaches you, you get to examine their offer and decide whether you would feel proud to be associated with them.

The main thing that sets TapInfluence apart from other platforms where brands approach you is their attitude towards influencers and the way they define influence.

Some creators get turned off by the word ‘influencer’, and it is easy to understand why. Your subscriber count is important when you want to participate in an ad campaign, but your subscribers are not just numbers and you are not some kind of puppetmaster ‘influencing’ them for monetary gain.

TapInfluence values authenticity and works with brands that hold that same value. Your ability to be genuine with your audience is never compromised because it is that honest relationship that makes you valuable to brands.


motto states that they champion the creators. They value you for whatever it is you already do, be it ranting vlogs or educational content.

When you create your profile on Izea you connect your YouTube account, and any other social media account you open to use for branded content. You also describe your audience and state your asking price.

Brands distribute their sponsorship opportunities to select groups of creators based on what they are looking for. Sponsors may approach you, or you can take matters into your own hands and approach brands with creative pitches.


is different from both FameBit and the other platforms on this list because you do not join brands for specific campaigns, you become a brand ambassador. 

The idea is that you continue being you – creating the same style of content you already do – but you also have a relationship with a brand that you openly support and advocate for. The trust your subscribers have in you is supposed to be extended to your associated brands.

This is excellent if you have the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for a company you respect and are excited to work with. You can get all kinds of perks – like discounts and early releases – from your partner brand, and there is no reason you should not want your subscribers to trust the brand that you trust.

It becomes problematic if you find yourself matched with brands you do not have total confidence in, although ReadyPulse does try to match brands with influencers who are already fans of them.

Only you can decide if becoming a brand ambassador is right for you and your audience.

 Do you know about any other sites like Famebit?

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