How to Make a YouTube Video Private

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Making a YouTube video private can often be a huge help when it comes to sharing some of your content exclusively with just friends and family. Uploading a private YouTube video will ensure that you can get the feedback you need without releasing a video to the entire internet. You can always change a video’s privacy setting even after it has been posted.

    How to Upload a Private YouTube Video on the Web?

    The process for uploading a private YouTube video is only slightly different from uploading any other video on the platform. To get started you just need to follow a few steps listed below.

    1. Sign in to YouTube.
    2. Click on the upload button near the top of the page, which looks like a camera with a cross inside.
    3. Select a video file and upload it.
    4. Fill in the details and the elements of your video.
    5. Select ”private” in the visibility setting. (The default setting is a public YouTube video that will be searchable across the YouTube network, and accessible to anybody who has the URL.)
    6. Click on the ‘SAVE” button.

    After the upload has completed you will get a sharing link that you can use toas well as the option to publish the video is a public video if you change your mind.

    Generally, you will also get an e-mail prompt containing the same link after the video has been completely processed and made ready for viewing.

    YouTube has several options for keeping a video private. The steps above are for a private video, but uploading your video as unlisted is also an option. A private video can only be shared with up to 50 specific people who must be signed in, whereas an unlisted video can be shared with anybody who has the URL but is not searchable on YouTube or viewable through your channel page.

    How to Make a YouTube Video Private on the Web? (Already Uploaded Video)

    You can turn an existing public video or unlisted video to a private video on YouTube as well. Here are is the procedure to do this.

    1. Click your avatar icon on the upper-right corner and a hidden menu will slide out.
    2. Click the ”Your channel” button on the menu.
    3. Click on the ”YouTube Studio” button.
    4. Go to the ”videos” panel, where displays all videos you have.
    5. Find the video you want to change its visibility setting.
    6. Move to the visibility setting and click on it, and then the drop-down menu will appear.
    7. Select the ”private” and click on the ”SAVE” button.

    How to Upload a Private Youtube Video With Mobile App?

    The method to upload a private video on youtube is almost the same as the procedure upon the web. But there are a few differences because of the interface.

    To upload a private youtube video with mobile, you need to follow these steps:

    1. Launch the YouTube app or the YouTube Studio app on your phone.
    2. Make sure that you are logged in.
    3. Tap the camera-like icon on the top of the interface.
    4. Select the video that you want to upload and hit the ”next” button.
    5. Select the ”private” in the window popped up.
    6. Fill in the information and details of your video.
    7. Tap on the ”upload” button.

    How to Change  Public Video or Unlisted Video to Private YouTube Video with Mobile App?

    If you want to alter the visibility setting of your videos that have been already published, please go over the following steps.

    1. Start the YouTube Studio app.
    2. Make sure that you are logged in.
    3. Tap on the ”Dashboard” icon on the upper-left of the screen.
    4. Select the ”Videos” panel.
    5.  Find the video that you want to change its privacy setting.
    6. Tap on the pencil-lick icon to start edit mode, where you can complete the details of the video or add more elements to it.
    7. Tap on the privacy setting and select the ”private”.
    8. Hit the ”SAVE” button.

    Private Videos Vs. Unlisted Videos

    Some may also ask what are the private video and unlisted video on YouTube? And what is the difference between private videos and unlisted videos? Let”s make it clear here.

    A private video is a video that’s only shareable to 50 different usernames with a password. Other than that, people cannot watch your private videos. Only a fixed number of people can get access to your private youtube video.

    do not come up in any type of search results on the platform or in your channel, but anyone with the link can seek out that video and watch it.

    That’s how you can make a YouTube video private! Have you ever kept a video private for a while before you were ready to release it to everyone? Why?

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