How to Be Original on YouTube

Jun 02, 2021• Proven solutions

Wondering how to be original on YouTube, while still tackling the trends that are important to your niche?

One of the main ways you will bring new viewers into your channel is through YouTube’s search engine and related videos. In order to utilize these features to their fullest potential, you’ll need to make videos on subjects people are searching for and which a lot of other people are also covering (). That’s how your video comes up as related.

As a creator, the idea of remaking the same video you know a ton of other people have already made probably isn’t very exciting. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do that. In fact, it’s better for your channel if you don’t.

Try to tackle trending videos in original ways. Make something that has enough in common with a trend to be related and come up in the same searches, but put your own spin on it to make it stand out.

1. Finding a Trend

There are two ways you can find a tending video type.

The first way is to pay attention to what kinds of videos other creators in your genre are making. If a lot of them suddenly start using a very similar title, you’ll know that type of video is currently in-demand. Along this same method, you could use Google Trends to find out what people in your genre are interested in right now ().

The second way is to come up with the video idea first either by yourself or by taking suggestions from viewers/friends, and then checking to see whether the idea is already popular. Checking is as simple as typing the subject, or a potential title, into Google and seeing if a lot of results come up that sound like the video you are imagining. For more info on trending videos,. 

2. Making It Yours

Once you have a trending video in mind, you need to think of a way to make it original. This is a balance between changing the idea enough that it stands out, and keeping it similar enough that it is still on topic.

Think about the things you are most passionate about, and the things you know your audience likes most about your channel (). Are you somebody people trust when they are looking to save money? Then maybe you should bring a budgeting aspect into the video. One example of a different take on a trending video was when beauty vlogger Meggs and Bacon took the ‘my boyfriend does my voiceover’ trend and replaced ‘boyfriend’ with ‘dad’.

In order for your ‘spin’ of the video to work, the unique element you add to it should be something you know will go over well with your audience. For example, if your unique take on a food video is to make it vegan then that only works if you’ve built up an audience interested in vegan cooking. If you have a more general food audience then they won’t see this twist as adding value.

The best way to know that your twist on a trend will go over well is to really get to know your audience. YouTube provides you with free audience demographics – gender, age, location – through your Creator Studio under Analytics.

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Do you have your own tips for how to be original on YouTube?

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