Free Music, Banner Makers, Analytics, & More! The Complete List of FREE Tools for YouTubers

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This massive list of 58 free tools for YouTubers includes:

Last updated on May 15, 2018.

8 Free Video Editing Tools and Apps for YouTubers

You can’t just post unedited videos to YouTube, but not everyone has room in their budget for software. Here are some free video editing programs for desktop and mobile.

5 Free Desktop Editors

all the basic editing features most YouTubers need can be accessed easily in OpenShot with almost no learning curve.

a fairly easy video editing program that gives users a lot of options for customization.

a professional-grade video editor with a focus on compositing/special effects.

extremely easy to use, but somewhat dated. This is a great program for anyone who just wants to jump in and start making videos.

a somewhat complicated video editor that provides a detailed editing experience. Exports from the free version are capped at 720p.

3 Free Mobile Editors

FilmoraGo: this or app has easy themes, music, and a simple interface.

VivaVideo: a free video and photo editor for or . This app offers speed control, animated text, stickers, and tons of other effects.

Vlogit: for or . Designed for YouTubers, this app has customizable openers, a thumbnail maker, and animated stickers.

8 Free Banner Makers and Thumbnail Makers

You don’t need an expensive program like Photoshop to create your own graphics for YouTube. Here are 8 programs you can use easily, for free, online.

this Adobe product has templates you can customize easily. All you have to do is click on the images Spark provides to substitute in your own.

an all-in-one and powerful online graphic design maker for everyone.

an easy-to-use photo editor and graphic design tool.

a simple online image editor that will open up a template with the correct dimensions for YouTube channel art or thumbnails. You can then drag and drop your own images and text into the work area.

an excellent design tool with lots of stock photos and templates for YouTube channel art.

just select YouTube Cover or YouTube Thumbnails to start creating. There’s a box that will show you the ‘safe zone’ for channel art, but make sure to delete it before you export because it costs $1 if you leave it in.

a drag and drop program that works a lot like Canva and includes a good selection of free templates.

designed for speed with lots of graphics and templates for channel art and thumbnails.

3 Sites with Free YouTube Banner Templates

These sites all have correctly-sized images you can download, add text to, and use as your channel art.

We provide 50 free channel art templates right here on! There are 10 different themes, including gaming and beauty.

another site that offers 50 free channel art templates with themes like ‘Rock Star’ and ‘Makeup Tutorial’. All of these templates use photos, not patterned backgrounds.

there are over 500 options on this site, some using patterns and some using photos. Most are just backgrounds with a space carved out for your channel name, but there are editable PSD files available as well.

5 Free Stock Photo Sites

Whether you’re building channel art, an end screen, or thumbnails there’s a good chance you’ll need high-quality stock images.

most of these free photos were taken by their in-house team, so they won’t be the same photos you’ll find on other sites.

finding great photos on this free site is as easy as typing a keyword (i.e. sunset into the search bar on the main page.

This site has both photographs and illustrations.

hundreds of photos that are free from copyright restrictions.

there’s some overlap in what’s available here and on Pexels, but they also each have photos the other doesn’t.

13 (Free) Royalty Free Music Libraries

You may have noticed that a lot of YouTubers end up using the same music. Here are 13 sites you can use to find something different!

this collection of music is sorted by 28 genres and 37 moods (i.e. ‘evil’ or ‘uplifting). You must include an attribution in your video description if you use music from this site.

Benjamin TISSOT is a musician who has made all his music available for you to use for free. He does ask for attribution unless you want to pay.

over 45,000 musicians have contributed to this library. The Use of the songs here is either free with attribution, or $22 for a personal license.

not all of the music here is available for use in videos, but you can find a lot of great options under ‘Music for Video’ in the Curators menu.

there are 10 genres of music on this site including ‘pop’ and ‘corporate’. The search function makes it easy to browse.

it’s easy to find the right music on this site because they let you search their library by feel, tempo, genre, and length.

this site belongs to a singer-songwriter who provides his music (with or without vocals) for free in exchange for attribution. You can find the right song quickly by filtering the music by genre, tempo, length, and playlist.

JukeDeck: this is a learning A.I who can generate original music. You pick the genre, instrument, tempo, and length. Songs are free with attribution, or $1 without. Jukedeck has been acquired by TikTok and its website is not available at the time of writing. You can get more information in.

use the unreleased music of Grammy-nominated artist Moby for free, so long as you aren’t making money.

make sure you go to ‘browse royalty-free music recordings’ because this site also has sheet music (unless you want sheet music you can play yourself).

music on this site is sorted into categories like ‘cute’ and ‘sneaky’. It’s free to use with attribution, or $5 per song if you don’t want to credit them.

this site has four categories of music: electronic dance music, rock and metal music, orchestra and soundtrack, and miscellaneous.

YouTube Audio Library: you’ll find a great selection of songs and sound effects in YouTube Audio library. Some require attribution and some don’t. To access, you need to sign in to YouTube first and then go to the YouTube Studio, you will find the Audio Library on the left panel.

7 Free Sound Effect Sites

Whether you want to spice up a vlog or create a short action film, you’ll need sound effects.

free sounds you can use anywhere (not just with Filmora), for anything! This library includes popular options like animal noises as well as sound effects designed for gaming videos.

sound effects here are licensed with Creative Commons and may require attribution. Some can be used commercially, some can’t.

a huge variety of sound effects you can browse individually or download as a bundle. This site has a good selection of ambient noise and everyday domestic sounds.

sounds here are either in the public domain (anyone can use them with no restrictions), or licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 which requires attribution. New effects are added every week.

there are 24 different categories for sound effects on this site, including very specific categories like phone sounds.

there are a variety of different sounds on this site, but they have an especially good selection of sounds you might associate with an action movie (i.e. explosions, punches, blades, etc.).

possibly the fastest growing collection of free sound effects on the internet (over 500 sounds are added every week). If you can’t find the sound you need, you can request it.

4 Free YouTube Management or Analytics Tools

In order to grow your channel, you need information about what you’re doing right – and what other people are doing right – so you can plan for success.

you can find your own channel’s basic stats here and track changes over time. You can also look up all the same information for other channels, including estimated earnings.

a free browser extension for chrome which, among other things, will allow you to see and copy the tags lists of other people’s videos. There are paid versions with more features.

another free browser extension for chrome which allows you to view tags, how well any video is ranking for its individual tags, and a ‘scorecard’ that will let you know if your video could be optimized better.

you can find your channel’s statistics in your Creator Studio under analytics. Besides basics like how many subscribers or views you have, you can see more useful stats like watch time for individual videos.

6 Free Tools for Finding Keywords & Trends

You can use keywords as tags, in your video titles and descriptions, or as topics for new videos. Targeting popular keywords, or the latest trends will help you grow faster.

generate lists of related keywords and see how much competition there is to rank for them.

you can easily find trending topics in your niche on this site, and you can also compare keywords to see which is searched more often.

just type the topic of your video into Keyword Tool and it will use YouTube’s autocomplete feature to tell you what queries people are searching for which are related to your topic.

plug the topic of your video into the search bar and it will show you stats to help you determine whether that’s a good keyword to target and whether there are other related keywords you should be targeting.

type the most important keyword related to your video (usually this is the topic) into the tool to produce a list of related keywords.

This tool is great because besides generating a list of related keywords, it will show you the search volume of the keywords it suggests.

5 Free Stock Video Sources

Whether you need a clip for your intro or want to compile some clips in a montage, you might need some stock video. Here’s where you can get it!

just “right-click save” to download from this site. They have 13 categories like Abstract, Holidays, and Technology.

the videos here are free and royalty-free, even if you use them commercially, and you don’t need to credit the site or the videographer (although they do appreciate it). Categories include Nature, Artsy, and Tech.

this site has lots of aerial landscape shots, and you can find stock photos too.

this site has a great selection of royalty-free video clips you can download and use, so long as you credit the creator.

this site has animated loops and backgrounds that are free to download. Great for building Intros.

a huge selection of videos on every subject you can imagine. Just type what you want into the search bar.

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