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  Using Your Channel To Get A Job

Infotainment is a great industry to be an expert in because most companies will want a infotainment channel. Here is an example of how Dji educated people about their product while also being entertaining:

Here are some tips when applying to jobs:

  • Be sure your content is clean and professional. Employers usually won't want to hire someone that makes a controversial channel
  • Start small. Look on Craigslist to see if any local companies are hiring. Your first job in media will usually pay $15 per hour but that's a start. After 9 months, you'll be much more experienced and seasoned.
  • Having even a few thousand subscribers set me apart from other applicants
  • Apply for Social Media Manager positions as well

I got the BroScienceLife contract from a friend who was working with them. My friend saw my experience with Uproxx and offered me the role.