Case Study: How I Grew From 0 Views and Subs to Now

May 31, 2021• Proven solutions

If you aspire to be the next PewDiePie or Casey Neistat, it’s important to find the right help early on. Both these creators have billions of views and millions of subscribers along with countless sponsorships, but before they made it big, they started with zero subscribers and zero views. Want to grow your channel just like them? We put together some tips for you.

A Beauty Channel Case Study

As a beauty and lifestyle channel, there are a number of ways to reach your fan base and grow your channel. Started in 2009, Tana Montana from the channel Tanamontana100 creates DIY, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos. Today Tana has over 300,000 subscribers, these are some ways she grew her community.   

Comments: Posting comments on other people’s videos about what you watched with a link to your channel can be a great way to build views for your videos. Just make sure the comments aren’t spam. Talk about the video you are commenting on before mentioning your own video or channel and make sure the video you are commenting on is actually related to your own content.

Organize your channel: Create different playlists to help people navigate your channel. Regularly working to organize your channel and make navigation to the videos you want people to see easier will help you to prioritize your views.

Great quality video thumbnails: Your video’s thumbnail can tempt people into clicking as much as its title can. By making a great video thumbnail you will make a better first impression. Design thumbnails that stand out; don’t just use the default ones.

Keep videos short: Keep videos less than 10 minutes long, viewers are more likely to watch several videos on your channel in one session if they’re shorter. YouTube analytics suggests that the best video length for smaller channels is between 2 – 3 minutes.

Pick a featured video: Choose one of your most popular uploads and make sure that it’s always at the top of your channel.

Make a trailer for your channel: Your channel trailer will introduce you, and the kinds of videos you make, to viewers who have never visited your channel before.

Use these tips to start building your beauty channel just like Tana.

Tutorial Channel Case Study

Ziovo is a tutorial channel that started in 2014 and now has 350,000 subscribers. Here are some tips that Ziovo has for YouTubers that are creating tutorial-style channels.

Collaboration: Invite other YouTubers to guest star in your videos and appear in each other’s videos, this can have a huge impact on your subscriber count. Their followers could become your followers and vice versa. Collaborating is a big part of the YouTube community.

Listen to feedback: Make sure that you consider feedback from viewers and peers. Your viewers are the ones who know what kinds of videos they want to see.

Put effort into every single video: One viral video isn’t going to make your channel a long-term success. You need to continue producing quality content and regularly post new videos to your channel in order to continuously grow.

Have an upload schedule: Upload videos at the same time each week. For example, if you post two videos a week, post it consistently on Tuesday and Thursday. Uploading videos consistently will encourage people to subscribe and setting a schedule will have people anticipating and looking forward to your weekly content.

Avoid spam: Don’t spam other people’s videos with comments that are just links to your channel. Genuinely comment on other people’s videos, and mention your channel when it’s appropriate.

Gaming Channel Case Study

Gaming is one of the biggest genres on YouTube. The Salty YouTube gaming channel started in 2015 and now has over 240,000 subscribers. That’s extremely fast. Salty had the following advice for YouTube gamers starting out:

Use SEO strategies: Optimize the tags, descriptions, and titles of your videos to contain your most important keywords. This will help your videos appear in search engine results.

Be yourself and have fun: Creating a brand is important, but as a YouTube gamer your brand needs to reflect who you really are. Show off your personality and let people get to know you through your videos.

Use social media: Building a social media following will help you connect with your fans. A social media strategy including Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat will help you to get more subscribers and build your brand.

Collaborate: Find other gamers with channels around the same size as yours and make videos together and leverage each other’s communities.

Use great thumbnails: Enticing thumbnails and compelling titles are an excellent way to attract people to your videos and get them interested in your gaming footage.

Don’t get discouraged: Even though his channel grew relatively quickly, Salty encourages creators to keep at it and not get discouraged.

As examined in these three case studies there are some principles that carry over regardless of the type of YouTube channel you are creating.

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