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Having an attractive banner for your YouTube channel is important if you want to show the world you’re a serious creator. At filmora.io we want to help with every step of your YouTube journey, so we created 50 YouTube channel art templates which you can download for free here.

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

1. YouTube Banners for Beauty Channels

Beauty, makeup, fashion, and lifestyle YouTubers are always there with advice and tutorials, helping the world look and feel better with every video. These channel art templates reflect the different tones and messages found in the complex genre of beauty.

Beauty Banner 1: Simply Marble-ous

This clean-cut, pristine, marble patterned banner is perfect for the sophisticated beauty, lifestyle, or fashion YouTuber.

Beauty Banner 2: Diva On The Go

You’ve got a big personality, and this channel art will help it shine through! Perfect for bold, sassy, beauty YouTubers.

Beauty Banner 3: Spa Day

This banner is simple, fun, and ideal for channels that have a positive message. It’s upbeat, but it’s not in your face.

Beauty Banner 4: Hello, Sunshine!

Bright, upbeat, and sunshiney! This cheerful banner background feels young and fresh.

Beauty Banner 5: Cool Watercolors

Makeup is about creativity, and beauty can be about wellness. This restful, artistic, banner can communicate either of those messages clearly.

2. Bright YouTube Banners

These banners have pizazz! They aren’t designed for specific genres, but anyone who takes a positive, exciting, approach to their videos will probably find something to love in this section.

Bright Banner 1: Tropical Sunset

Hot pink and warm tangerine dusted with soft clouds. Whether you think it looks more like a sunset or a fruit smoothie, this banner is great for any channel with an upbeat message.

Bright Banner 2: Unicorn Swirl

This magical banner will let the world know there’s something special about your channel. Perfect for just about any type of channel!

Bright Banner 3: Sugary Goodness

This banner might be a donut, a cake with pink icing, or a yellow cliff at the edge of a field of sugar. Whatever it is, it’s quirky – just like you!


Bright Banner 4: Full Quirk

Denim and funky doodles are the perfect combination for showing off your fun, creative, personality. This channel art is ideal for lifestyle and vlogging channels.

Bright Banner 5: Color Splat!

Creative, colorful, splatters might be best way to let your viewers know they can expect fantastical things from you. This one’s great for any type of channel, but especially great for crafts and lifestyle.

3. YouTube Banners for Comedy Channels

A lot of viewers go to YouTube to laugh, and the banner for a comedy channel is all about letting someone who found one of your videos funny know there’s more like it on the way. There are banners here for different styles of comedy, so you can choose the one that fits your brand of funny.

Comedy Banner 1: This Cat Is Judging You

This funny-faced cat knows what you did, and he does not approve. This banner is a great way to show viewers you don’t take things too seriously.

Comedy Banner 2: Pizza Forever

All of the pizza, all of the time. This banner might be good for a cooking channel, but it’s great for comedy YouTubers who like pizza.

Comedy Banner 3: Bold Splotches

These bold dabs of color will work well with bold styles of comedy. This banner could also be great for edgier lifestyle channels.

Comedy Banner 4: Duck Invasion

In an endless sea of identical rubber duckies, you’re that wonderful bird that stands out! That’s what this banner means.

Comedy Banner 5: The Theater

This is a serious business comedy banner. It’s such serious business that it might actually be good for a short film channel.

4. Comic Inspired YouTube Banners

These channel art templates were inspired by comic book artwork. They’ll be great for channels that talk about comics or comic book movies, but there’s also come great stuff here for comedy or gaming channels.

Comic Banner 1: Comic Chaos

Thought bubbles, speech bubbles, and punch doodles abound! Whether you’re interested in comedy or media, this bold and bright banner certainly makes a statement.


Comic Banner 2: Epic Frames

This bright, exciting, banner is inspired by comic book panels. Whether you review all of the super hero movies, create your own epic comedy sketches, or have a particularly heroic life you like to vlog about – this channel art is for you.

Comic Banner 3: Heroic Flare

Are you a hero in your own mind? This banner could be perfect for any type of channel, so long as the person running it has a larger than life personality.

Comic Banner 4: Defender of the City

This skyline drawn in a comic-book style would be perfect for any channel that focuses on life in a city, but it’s also great for comedy or media (tv, comics, gaming) focused channels.

Comic Banner 5: Mystical Rainbow Farts

There’s not much explaining to do here. Either you look at this unicorn, filling the sky with rainbow farts and loving it, and think ‘yes, that’s me’ or you don’t.

5. YouTube Banners for Education Channels

Whether you’re a teacher with a class you want to make videos for, or just someone with a lot of knowledge you want to share, you’ll find something in this section that’ll be perfect for your channel.


Education Banner 1: Thinkpiece

Whatever kind of knowledge you’re serving up, this banner shows that you want to get the gears in your viewers’ brains going.


Education Banner 2: Science Rules

Having a science channel means teaching viewers on the internet, whether they’re kids or adults, about the world and how it works. This banner will let viewers know to tr
ust you for anything to do with science.


Education Banner 3: Creative Chalkboard

This banner says that you think learning should be fun! This is a better choice for a channel targeted towards kids or young people than the previous 2, but it’ll still work for something targeted at grownups.


Education Banner 4: Classroom

This banner was designed with teachers in mind, but it’s a good choice for anyone who wants to educate kids.


Education Banner 5: Creative Learning

Another great choice for teachers, this banner suggests you might be teaching subjects like art or music in addition to math and science.

6. Funky YouTube Banners

You’ll find a little bit of everything in this category. These banners weren’t designed for different types of YouTube channels; they were designed for different types of personalities. If you’re looking for something that communicates who you are loud and clear, you might find it in this section.

Funky Banner 1: Urban Graffiti

If this slightly punky banner matches your slightly edgy self then it could be perfect for vlogging, lifestyle, or even comedy.


Funky Banner 2: Minty Fresh

This cool, crisp, channel art template is great for lifestyle or vlogging channels that are just a bit outside the norm.

Funky Banner 3: Hypno-Cloud

The perfect banner if you want to hypnotize people into subscribing to you. It’s also a great way to show that you’re different. Or that you’re some kind of clown. Is clowning a genre on YouTube? If it is: here’s your banner!

Funky Banner 4: Prismatic

A bright, modern, banner for bright, modern, YouTubers. It’s fun, but it’s smart. It’s quirky, but you should still take it seriously. If the tone of your channel is more complex than ‘upbeat’ or ‘serious’ then this could be your channel art.

Funky Banner 5: Pineapple Paradise

This summer-inspired banner is both very on-trend, and a great seasonal choice for any lifestyle, beauty, or vlog channel.

7. Galaxy YouTube Banners Featuring Outer Space

Space-themed banners have become popular with a lot of different types of channels, from gaming to vlogging to comedy. We’ve put together some awesome space scenes for you to choose from.

Galaxy Banner 1: Colorful Space

Space can be beautiful and colorful, and it certainly is in this banner. You don’t have to be into science or sci-fi for this to be the perfect choice for you.

Galaxy Banner 2: Moonrise

Whether you’re a gamer, sci-fi enthusiast, or just someone whose content is out of this world, writing your channel name on the surface of that moon will let everyone here on earth know you mean business.


Galaxy Banner 3: Mysterious Signs

Do you ever look up at the stars and just think about how tiny we are? This banner could work for almost any type of channel (besides makeup or fashion).


Galaxy Banner 4: Space Doodles

This banner would be great for an educational space or science channel. It could be fun for comedy too.


Galaxy Banner 5: Nebula

An epic, gorgeous, space scene that is both cool and inspiring. Are you cool or inspiring? Consider using this in your channel art.


8. YouTube Banners for Gaming Channels

Gaming is a huge category on YouTube! We’ve put together a selection of channel art templates for different kinds of games and gamers.

Gaming Banner 1: Inspired by Minecraft

Inspired by the creative, blocky, game that’s taken the internet by storm! This is a channel art template for gamers whose channels focus on Minecraft.


Gaming Banner 2: Commando

It’s kill or be killed out there, but your mission is important and you’re going to see it through. Choose the channel art template that shows you’re serious about your work.


Gaming Banner 3: Special Ops

Mount the perfect tactical strike against YouTube viewers’ eyeballs with this gaming-themed channel art template.

Gaming Banner 4: Firepower

Choose a banner that says you’ve got real skills to show off. This channel art template is inspired by shooters and tactical games.

Gaming Banner 5: Esports Champ

This victorious blue banner will serve as a bright, confident, welcome to your channel.

9. Minimalist YouTube Banners

Sometimes the best way to express yourself doesn’t involve lots of images or crazy patterns. Sometimes, the best way to let your personality shine through is to get rid of all those distractions. These modern, minimalist, channel art templates were designed for YouTubers who like to keep things simple.

Minimalist Banner 1: Clean & Airy

This tidy white and baby blue banner will be great for anybody who stresses balance and simplicity on their channels. It’s great for beauty, vlogging, lifestyle, and more.

Minimalist Banner 2: Serious Business

Darker colors can make viewers think about power, efficiency, and sleekness. This is a great banner for a creator who wants to be taken seriously.

Minimalist Banner 3: Wood Grain

This clean, white-painted wood, background perfectly captures the minimalist aesthetic that has become so popular in design.

Minimalist Banner 4: Zen

This serene channel art template will be ideal for anyone who champions wellness and good living on their channel.

Minimalist Banner 5: Parentheses

Minimalism doesn’t have to be soft. This bold, simple, red banner is for YouTubers who want to be a bit louder.

10. YouTube Banners for Travel Channels

These channel art templates were made for every type of travel channel, from sunny vacations to outdoor adventures to trips around the world.

Travel Banner 1: Alpine Getaway

This channel art template is for creators who are also adventurers. Do you love going out into the big wild world and climbing mountains, hiking through forests, and riding rapids? This banner is for you.

Travel Banner 2: Wanderlust

This postcard-themed banner is for the globetrotting travel vlogger. Backpackers, and anyone else determined to see the world and make videos about it, might want to consider this channel art.

Travel Banner 3: Beachy

If your ideal getaway involves beaches, sunshine, and fruity drinks with umbrellas in them – and that’s reflected in your videos – then it’ll be hard for you to find a more perfect banner.

Travel Banner 4: Rugged Living

You are a trailblazer. Literally. You probably consider ‘ruggedness’ an important factor when picking out camera gear, because anything that travels with you is going to see its fair share of wear and tear.

Travel Banner 5: Globetrotter

This channel art template is for YouTubers who want to go everywhere and see everything. No viewer who clicks on your channel and sees this banner could mistake you for anything but a travel vlogger.

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